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Dentures and Repairs

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If you have lost multiple teeth due to intense periodontitis, severe decay, trauma, or other factors, then our experienced dentists may suggest full standard dentures or partial dentures for bringing back your smile. At Kings Family Dental Centre, we can provide solutions for patients who undergo partial or total edentulism (a condition of having no teeth due to tooth loss).

Types of Dentures

  • Partial Dentures are recommended for patients who have lost some of their teeth and not the whole set. This single fitting denture is well supported by the remaining healthy teeth and gums. Compared to the full standard dentures, partial dentures are more comfortable and secure.

  • Full Standard Dentures comprise a full set of fabricated upper and lower teeth. This type of denture uses suction to remain in place and is made using a flexible material that facilitates stronger suction.
  • Cosmetic Dentures are shaped to look similar to natural teeth. This type of denture is fabricated using a special acrylic base that removes the probable decrease and deformation of dentures. When paired with dental implants, cosmetic dentures can accomplish a natural look. The placing of a dental implant in the bone is a surgical procedure to anchor the dentures. It facilitates the dentures to remain in place, making them more comfortable over other kinds of dentures.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

Dentures are dental implants that are made to replace lost teeth. Patients with damaged or missing teeth should know the benefits of dentures before they can go for it. Some of the important benefits are explained below:

  • Options:

    A variety of dentures are available and you need to select the one that’s best for your situation. Implant-supported dentures are an excellent alternative for patients who want a fixed, secure denture. Partial dentures are suitable for filling gaps due to missing teeth, whereas, full dentures are ideal for patients who have lost some or most of their teeth.

  • Purpose:

    Earlier, dentures were made focusing on chewing; however, with the progress in modern medicine and surgical procedures, modern dentures are designed to be fully functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. During the fitment of a denture, our expert dentist will ensure your dentures fit appropriately with minimum slipping so you can feel more confident when chewing or talking.

  • Health & Well-Being:

    Dentures support facial muscles and other facial structures, and reduce bone loss. Besides, dentures have helped to boost self-esteem.

  • Cost:

    Dental dentures are an affordable treatment alternative, especially when the patient has more natural teeth in good condition.

  • Appearance:

    Premium quality dentures are available in natural-looking plastic or porcelain materials to bring back a beautiful smile.

At Kings Family Dental Centre, our denture and repair specialist dentists can create crisp-fitting dentures that give out a natural look, helping you to boost your self-confidence. If you need emergency denture repairs in Kings Langley, Sydney, feel free to call us on 02 9674 3491, and we will be happy to serve you.


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