Dentures and Repairs

Dentures and Repairs

Do you have missing teeth and need them replaced?

Well don’t you worry, Kings Family Dental Centre offers comfortable, beautiful and affordable partial and full dentures, this treatment has been around for many years!

Dentures are a great way to replace teeth temporarily and permanently. The colours and shades of the teeth are completely customisable by the patients, to replicate what is missing so they look natural and are impossible to spot!

Afraid that your denture might break or has become loose?
Well we also offer to repair your denture if it happens to break or reline them if they are loose! Whatever the problem is, we can fix! If you are going for a more fixed option, check out our pages on bridges and implants. Call 02 9674 3491 and book an appointment now with Dr Shagun who specialises in dentures!

A resource to help you with your denture:
Dentures are such a foriegn object in your mouth the first time you have them. Check out Polident, our trusted company to help you with your denture needs such as adhesives and tablets.

For more information about living with dentures click here


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