Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Painless Root Canal Treatment in Kings Langley, Sydney

A root canal treatment is administered to repair the damage inside of a tooth. The treatment involves drilling a hole into the tooth and getting rid of the dental pulp. The dental pulp comprises connective tissue, nerves and blood supply, and spreads into the roots of the tooth. Once the pulp is taken out, the cavity is filled and sealed.

Look Out for the Following Signs That Might Require a Root Canal Treatment

  • An unstable or loose tooth.
  • Soft and swollen gums.
  • Tooth darkening.
  • Pus may develop around an infected tooth.
  • When biting or chewing, you experience a severe toothache.
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot remains even after the cold or heat has moved out.
  • You may experience swelling of the neck or face.

When Should You Go for a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is administered to save a damaged or severely infected tooth. The tooth may get damaged or infected due to gum disease, injury to the tooth, decay or cracked fillings. When the dental pulp gets damaged, bacteria start multiplying inside the tooth, leading to an abscess or infection that is a cavity of pus, which develops at the end of the tooth’s root. It is crucial to saving your original tooth if possible because it functions better than an artificial tooth for biting and chewing. Besides, tooth loss can lead to other problems in the mouth. Root canal treatment is considered the best method for saving a tooth.

What’s Involved in a Root Canal Treatment?

  • To begin with, our expert dentist will take out an x-ray of the affected tooth and see the shape of the root canals to find out if there is an infection in the bone surrounding the tooth. To avoid contamination, a rubber dam is placed over the tooth and you can breathe as usual.
  • Local anaesthetic is administered by our dentist to numb the area around the tooth before drilling a hole in the tooth, to take out the pulp.
  • Depending on the tooth, it can have between one and four canals. All of the canals will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and moulded.
  • Root canal treatment requires several appointments – approx. 1 month and 4 sittings (1 sitting a week) for a single tooth root canal treatment. During the ongoing treatment, our dentist will clean and shape the hole inside the tooth and then place a sterile filling inside. Between the root canal treatments, our dentist will seal the tooth with a temporary filling to safeguard it.
  • Once the root canal treatment gets completed, our dentist will fill the canal space with “Gutta-percha” material. To strengthen the tooth, our dentist may also insert small support into the root canals.
  • If required, our dentist will recommend an artificial crown to cap the tooth.

Generally, people consider root canal treatment to be uncomfortable as it takes longer to complete, but with advanced dentistry techniques, the whole procedure is painless and stress-free.

Do You Require a Root Canal Treatment in Kings Langley, Sydney?

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