Twilight Sedation

Twilight Sedation

Twilight anesthesia is an anesthetic technique where a mild dose of sedation is applied to induce anxiolysis (anxiety relief), anterograde amnesia (inability to form new memories). The patient is not unconscious, but sedated. During surgery or other medical procedures, the patient is under what is known as a “twilight state”, where the patient is relaxed and “sleepy”, able to follow simple directions by the doctor, and is responsive. Generally, twilight anesthesia causes the patient to forget the surgery and the time right after.

The most common reason why people do not visit the dentist is fear related. Many people who experience this crippling fear neglect their dental health and end up in a worse situation.

Twilight sedation is also known as:

  • Twilight anaesthesia
  • Conscious sedation
  • Sleep dentistry
  • Intravenous sedation/ IV sedation

Dental treatments that can use twilight sedation include:

Twilight sedation is best suited for the following type of patients:

  • Requiring a substantial amount of treatment.
  • Patients who are anxious or experiencing dental phobia.
  • Having trouble keeping their mouths open.
  • Having a strong gag reflex.

When will twilight sedation’s effect go away?

Typically, recovery after twilight sedation is quick and takes between 20 to 30 minutes. Once you gain consciousness and walk independently, your dentist can discharge you to go home with the nominated responsible adult. You will need the help of a nominated adult to drive and drop you home. And on the first night, you will need the care of the nominated adult, an adult family member, relative or friend.

You may feel alert after the twilight sedation, but it takes time to drain from the body. You may feel sleepy or tired for a few hours. Your coordination, reflexes, balance, cognition and judgement will require some time to get back to the normal state. Medically, it is recommended to return home and rest.

Once you’re administered twilight sedation, you should not undertake any of the following activities for the next 24 hours:

  • Driving.
  • Manoeuvre machinery.
  • Using any heavy or risky equipment or tools.
  • Performing exercise or any other laborious activity.
  • Making crucial decisions or signing any legal documents.
  • Drinking alcohol.

Twilight Sedation Dentist Kings Langley, Sydney

At Kings Family Dental Centre, our experienced dentists use twilight sedation in the required dental procedures, making it pain-free for the patient.

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