Silver FIllings

Silver FIllings

Amalgam or Silver Fillings Treatment for Teeth

The word ‘amalgam’ means a mixture of things, and so a dental amalgam is a mixture of different metals, such as copper, tin, silver and mercury. Many people are concerned about mercury content. But, during the fitting, the mercury gets fixed to the other metals and becomes inert. Many studies point out that exposure is very marginal, and even if every tooth get filled with amalgam, the mercury discharged is well below toxic.

Both during the placement of silver tooth filling and at the time of removal, mercury exposure is the highest – and it is due to the heat generated by the drill. Therefore, we usually don’t recommend the removal of the filling just because it is a silver filling. If you’re concerned about this, please bring it to our attention, and we will let you know what measures we can take to lower this, such as maximising water usage to cool the drill, use a rubber dam, and use a high-speed evacuator.

Amalgam is a sturdy and durable material, but over time it can cause cracks and fractures in the tooth around it. When checking your teeth and old fillings, if there are any cracks or imperfections in your teeth with amalgam fillings, our dentist will identify them. And if any of your teeth are at risk, we will discuss it with you and provide you alternatives to avert this from happening.

When Should You Replace Your Old Amalgam Fillings with a White Filling?

In the following instances, we recommend replacing your old amalgam filling with a white filling:

  • If the silver filling is cracked or shows other signs of filling failure.
  • If the filling has developed decay beneath it.
  • If the tooth is exhibiting signs of crack or weakness and wants to decrease the stress placed on the tooth.

Why Does Amalgam Stress Your Tooth?

  • Beginning with amalgam doesn’t stick to the tooth. Thus, to make it stay in, dentists have to cut mechanical retention into your tooth that is more damaging to your tooth structure.
  • The tooth preparation has angles that put stress at specific spots of a tooth instead of spreading the force.
  • Amalgam expands and contracts in cold and heat differently to your tooth, creating cracks in the tooth over time.

Silver Tooth Filling Replacement

At Kings Family Dental Centre, we recommend replacing all cracked or infirm fillings, both metal and tooth coloured. We don’t recommend removing metal fillings due to concerns of mercury exposure. The safety of amalgam or silver fillings over long-term use and its associated mercury content is well understood. We only replace amalgams to gain aesthetic looks upon the patient’s request.

Silver Filling Treatment in Kings Langley

At Kings Family Dental Centre, our expert dentists can flawlessly perform tooth-coloured white material filling and silver tooth filling treatment in Sydney! Feel free to ask our dentist as to what is best for your teeth.


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