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Is There Any Technique to Help Cope with Your Dental Anxiety?

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a grave medical condition that affects around 5% of the Australian population. Due to dental anxiety, a person finds all types of excuses to avoid dentist appointments. With time, people who suffer from dental anxiety develop serious complications.

How to Deal with Dental Anxiety?

Luckily, various things can be done to manage the dental phobia of people and help make them more comfortable at the dentist clinic. Let’s look at some vital things that can help deal with dental phobia.

1. Use Relaxation Method

With the help of breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, the patient can be made to relax and feel comfortable. If patients feel anxious or nervous at the dentist clinic, spending few minutes in meditation will help to keep the anxiety away.

In the deep breathing technique, the patient has to close his / her eyes and take deep controlled breaths. It will help to reduce the blood pressure of a person, slow down his/ her heartbeat and help relax muscles.

2. Take Along a Friend or Sibling with You

The patient should find someone they know well who can help reduce their anxiety while getting treated at the dentist clinic. It could be a sibling or a close friend. Peer encouragement can assist in keeping the patient, having dental anxiety, calm at the dentist clinic.

3. Stay in Control

During dental sessions, patients can keep a sense of control by communicating their fears to the dentist and ask questions about each dental procedure before it commences. It provides the patient with a clear idea of what to expect that assists in relieving any fears. When a dentist is aware of patient dental anxiety, the dentist will use the best treatment to cure it. The dentist can also use a relaxing word for the patient whenever he/ she feel overwhelmed.

4. Find Distractions

The unusual equipment and tools in a dental clinic can make anyone anxious. Patients getting annoyed with the sounds of this equipment and tools should look for distractions when they are undergoing a dental procedure at the clinic. Watch the television if it’s available or listen to your favourite songs using a pair of headphones.

5. Sedation Dentistry

Well, medical solutions are available for dental phobia. Oral sedation helps in keeping patients calm and relaxed during the dental procedure. Oral sedation relaxes the patient, and they do not have to manage negative emotions or pains.

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