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How to Clean Your Teeth & Why It Is Important?

Teeth Cleaning

The secret of good overall well being is your oral health! So one of the best habits you can cultivate is to maintain your oral health by regularly cleaning your teeth and tongue and keeping your gums and mouth healthy. Per the studies, dental pain is one of the worst pains that most people will undergo. And once the pain has matured, the path to recovery is long, even with professional and efficient dental treatment. That’s why prevention is always considered the best course of action.

The recommended methods to keep your teeth, tongue and mouth clean and in the best oral health are revealed below:


Regular brushing of your teeth is crucial for good oral health! Brush your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes. At least twice, in the morning and at night (before bedtime), you should brush. Brushing after every meal is a good idea, so whenever it is possible, do it. Both manual and electric toothbrushes provide perfect teeth cleaning when used correctly – ideally small strokes at a 45-degree angle and replaced every three months. However, when using electric models, be tender on your gums. Any fluoride-based toothpaste will work, and it is vital to select a flavour you like so you would want to use it regularly. Besides, using mild whitening toothpaste is good, as it helps keep staining away.


Brushing your teeth has limitations. Food particles, plaque and bacteria can easily get trapped in the gaps between teeth, and toothbrushes can’t remove them. Thus, perform flossing along with your brushing as part of your oral hygiene. Flossing can get rid of any build-up between the teeth, averting problems down the line. Flossing is simpler than brushing, and you can do it when you’re dining out and keep your mouth clean after meals.


Mouthwash helps to strengthen your other dental cleaning procedures and flushes any bacteria, germs, or plaque that have been removed by brushing and flossing. Non-alcoholic and sugar-free mouthwashes are preferred because mouthwashes with alcohol can annoy and worsen your gums.

Tongue Scraping

Brushing and flossing can keep away the accrual of bacteria in and around your teeth, but bacteria can accrue on your tongue as well, leading to bad breath, unsightly colour and changed tastes. Thus, tenderly scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper or brush your tongue with the toothbrush to remove the film of bacteria and help keep it looking good, smelling and tasting clean and healthy.

At Kings Family Dental Centre, we advocate prevention dentistry, which means dental care for maintaining good oral health.

When Should You Schedule an Appointment with Your Local Dentist?

Regular dental examinations are vital to ensure that your oral health is maintained and there are no hidden problems. It is good a have at least a six-monthly dental check-up, as it will allow your dentist to monitor your oral health and stop any problems as soon as they are detected so that it does not develop into something serious. Besides, it allows your dentist to offer you advice and suggestions on oral hygiene routines, especially for you.

If you experience any dental pain or even minor discomfort, you should immediately schedule an appointment with your local dentist. Any dental problem ignored or not cared, can develop into a bigger problem, and may even get severe in some cases, so always get timely help as soon as you can!

Benefits of Cleaning Your Teeth

  • Decrease plaque accrual.
  • Remove bad breath.
  • Enhance self-confidence.
  • Help you to smile confidently.

Regular cleaning of your teeth will substantially reduce the need for painful and pricey emergency dental treatment! Thereby, it will help save your money and time and save you from experiencing needless pain.

If you need dental help, call us at Kings Family Dental Centre on 02 9674 3491 to schedule an appointment. We are placed conveniently in the heart of Kings Langley.

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